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Room Objectives

Nursery (6 weeks - 12 months)

Imagine That offers infant care with a home like setting.

Our teachers are aware of the need to provide each infant with a loving and nurturing environment in the nursery. Imagine That Childcare believes in the importance of development and attachment in the earliest stages of infancy. We also believe that warm, positive relationships with adults are critical in developing an infant's sense of trust and healthy self-esteem.

We will strive to promote healthy development in the infant room by:

  • Providing warm and responsive care -- promoting positive feelings of trust, comfort, approval and affection within their environment.
  • Sharing positive physical contact such as holding, stroking or rocking them.
  • Encouraging exploration and engaging in it with them.
  • Providing many opportunities of sensory experiences through contrasting colors, textures and designs.
  • Promoting physical awareness through reaching and grasping toys, crawling, rolling over, pulling oneself up, and eventually walking.
  • Providing a safe and loving environment each and every day.


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